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[Area(s) of expertise] Physical Organic Chemistry - Kinetics, Mechanism; Organic Chemical Synthesis​​ - Synthesis, Kinetics Mechanism. For more info...Click here.

[Area(s) of expertise] Natural Products Chemistry - Natural Products, NMR, Alkaloids, Biological Activity, QSAR. For more info...Click here.

[Area(s) of expertise] Colloid Chemistry - Nanotechnology, Nanomaterials, Microemulsion, Emulsions, Liposomes, Drug Delivery System, Cosmetics, Suspended Matters, Aerosols, Nanoliposome. For more info... Click here.

[Area(s) of expertise] Analytical ChemistryGreen analytical chemistry, sample preparation, separation science. For more info... Click here.

[Area(s) of expertise] Computer in ChemistryComputational Chemistry, Chemometrics, Computers in Chemical Education. For more info... Click here.

[Area(s) of expertise] Chemical Spectroscopy - Impedance Spectroscopy; Chemical and Physical Methods - Electrochemical ​​​​​​Sensors;Electrochemistry - Photo-electrochemistry, organic electrochemistry, inorganic electrochemistry. For more info... Click here.

[Area(s) of expertise] Structural Chemistry - Assembly Behaviour, Liquid Crystals (Experimental & Computer Simulation)Chemical Spectroscopy - NMR; Database - Database design; For more info... Click here.

[Area(s) of expertise] Sensors - Biochemical sensors, Glucose sensors, Electrochemical sensors; Ionic Liquids - Synthesis, Applications; Coordination ChemistrySupramolecular chemistry. For more info... Click here.

[Area(s) of expertise] Theoretical Chemistry - Computational Chemistry, Modeling, Simulations, Bioinformatics: For more info... Click here.

Associate Professor

[Area(s) of expertise] Liquid Crystals - Liquid Crystals; For more info... Click here.

[Area(s) of expertise] Oils And Fats - Biodiesel, biopolymer, biomaterialsOleochemical Chemistry; Biodiesel. For more info... Click here.

[Area(s) of expertise] Natural Products Chemistry - Natural Products Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Bioanalytical Chemistry, ADME analysis; For more info... Click here.

[Area(s) of expertise] Polymer Chemistry; World Language Studies - Japanese LanguageElectrochemistry - Platinum (111); For more info... Click here.

[Area(s) of expertise] Conducting Polymer. For more info... Click here.

[Area(s) of expertise] Physical Organic Chemistry - organic reactions, self-assembled monolayer, fluorescence, heterocyclic surfactants; For more info... Click here.

[Area(s) of expertise] Analytical Biochemistry; Analytical Chemistry; Biosensors; Electrochemistry; Immunochemistry; Sensors; For more info... Click here.

[Area(s) of expertise] Method Development; Trace Chemical Analysis; Chemometric; For more info... Click here.

[Area(s) of expertise] Organic Chemical Synthesis -  Organic Synthesis (Biomimetic Synthesis, Electroorganic Synthesis)Natural Products Chemistry - Alkaloid Chemistry (Structure, Chemistry, Biosynthesis)Physical Organic Chemistry - Reaction Mechanism (Investigation of Free-Radical and Radical Cation Mediated Transformations); For more info... Click here.

[Area(s) of expertise] Trace Chemical Analysis - Ionic Liquid (IL) Materials, IL-based Extraction Techniques, Separation Science, Adsorption of Toxic Pollutants; For more info... Click here.

[Area(s) of expertise] Advanced Materials; Ionic Liquids/ Deep Eutectic Solvents; Electrochemistry/ Electrodeposition/ Electrochemical Sensors/ Electroanalytical Chemistry. For more info... Click here.

[Area(s) of expertise] Halal Authentication Analysis - DNA ExtractionExtraction Technology solid phase extraction; adsorbent; Artocarpus integerTrace Chemical Analysis - Method Development for Chemical Analysis.  For more info... Click here.

[Area(s) of expertise] Self-Assemblies - Glycolipids, liquid crystals, X-ray scattering, fluorescence spectroscopy; For more info... Click here.

[Area(s) of expertise] Drug Delivery/ Nanocarrier System; NanomaterialsNanoemulsion, Nanoparticle, Nanovesicle, Hexosome; Soft Matter Colloid Chemistry, Liquid Crystal, Surfactant, Self-Assembly Structure; For more info... Click here.

[Area(s) of expertise] Polymer Materials; Composite And Nanocomposite; Natural Rubber Processing; Polymers Synthesis And Characterizations; For more info... Click here.

[Area(s) of expertise] Crystal Engineering And Molecular Chemistry - Co-crystals, Coordination Polymers, Metal-Organic Frameworks;  Characterization of Molecules - Single Crystal X-Ray Crystallography, Powder X-ray CrystallographyTransition Metal Chemistry - Synthesis and Characterization of Coordination Complexes; For more info... Click here.

[Area(s) of expertise] Characterization of Molecules - X-ray crystallographyTrace Chemicals Analysis - ChemosensorsBio-Inorganic Chemistry - Topoisomerase, DNA, Mitochondrial, Thiosemicarbazone, Prostate cancer, G-quadruplex; For more info... Click here.

[Area(s) of expertise] Water And Wastewater Treatment Technology - Water treatment, Advanced oxidation processesTrace Chemical Analysis - Organic Geochemistry; For more info... Click here.

[Area(s) of expertise] Colloid Chemistry -  Formulation of carriers for drug delivery: hydrogel, microgel, nanostructured lipid carriers, nanoliposomes, emulsion, in vitro drug loading, and release studies; For more info... Click here.

[Area(s) of expertise] Chemical And Physical Methods - Electrochemical sensor; Electrocatalysis; For more info... Click here.

[Area(s) of expertise] Rubber LatexBio-polymersElastomers  - Rubber Glove, Polymer Blending, Synthetic Rubber;   For more info...Click here.

Senior Lecturer

[Area(s) of expertise] Nanotoxicity - Precision Cut Lung Slices (PCLS) Nanotoxicity AssayImmunology - Peptide-based Vaccines, Self-adjuvanting VaccineVaccine - Animal Study, ELISA, Catalytic Assay. For more info...Click here.

[Area(s) of expertise] Chemical SensorSurface Enhance Raman SpectroscopyTrace Chemical AnalysisFor more info...Click here.

[Area(s) of expertise] Physical Organic Chemistry -  Acid Dissociation ConstantNatural Products Chemistry Natural ProductsFor more info...Click here.

[Area(s) of expertise] Synthesis of Heterocyclic Compounds And Fluorescence Studies - Heterocyclic, fluorescenceSynthesis Of Ionic Liquids and Biomass Utilisation - ionic liquids, biomass, biopolymer, regenerated biomass materials, protein, keratin, cellulose, lignin, soft gels, films, fibers; For more info...Click here.

[Area(s) of expertise] Catalyst And Reaction Engineering - heterogeneous catalystFor more info...Click here.

[Area(s) of expertise] Organic Chemical Synthesis; Medical Chemistry; For more info...Click here.

[Area(s) of expertise] Molecular Pharmacology; Medicinal Chemistry; Organic Chemical Synthesis. For more info...Click here.

[Area(s) of expertise] Bio-organic Chemistry - Biological Effects (including Anti-cancer Activity) Of Secondary Metabolites (alkaloids, Terpenoids, Xanthones, Etc.) And Sar Studies Of Selected Bioactive MoleculesNatural Products Chemistry - biologically-active Secondary Metabolites From Plant And Microbial Sources. For more info.....click here.

[Area(s) of expertise] Composite Materials - solid Composite Electrolytes, Sol-gel, Conductivity, Xrd, DSC/ TGA, FTIR, Fesem, EDX; Natural Products Chemistry - alkaloids; Subject Specialist - chemistry.  For more info...Click here.

[Area(s) of expertise] 2D Nanocomposites, Graphene, Electrocatalysis, Energy Devices, Electrochemical SensorsFor more info...Click here.

[Area(s) of expertise] Atomic And Molecular Collision Processes And Interactions; Classical And Quantum Physics; Theoretical Chemistry.  For more info...Click here.

[Area(s) of expertise] Transition Metal Chemistry - Inorganic Synthesis; Chemical Sensors And Biosensors - Optical And Electrochemical Sensors. For more info...Click here.

[Area(s) of expertise] Bio-organic Chemistry - Medicinal Chemistry, Eco-pharmacognosy, Chemical Biology. For more info...Click here.

[Area(s) of expertise] Chemical Spectroscopy - Femtosecond Laser Spectroscopy, Transient Absorption, Fluorescence Upconversion, And Multidimensional Spectroscopy. For more info...Click here.

[Area(s) of expertise] Organic Chemical Synthesis - Medicinal Chemistry, Drug Design.  For more info...Click here.

[Area(s) of expertise] Composite Materials; Filtration; Nano-materials; Membranes; For more info...Click here.

[Area(s) of expertise] Characterization Of Molecules; Bio-inorganic Chemistry; Synthesis Of Molecules; Transition Metal Chemistry - Synthesis Of Metal Complexes; Au And Pt. For more info...Click here.

[Area(s) of expertise] Liquid Crystal - Liquid Crystal, Liquid Crystalline Polymer, Material ChemistryFor more info...Click here.

[Area(s) of expertise] Co2 Capture, Ionic Liquids, Catalysis. For more info...Click here

[Area(s) of expertise] Polymer CompositesFor more info...Click here

[Area(s) of expertise] Physical Organic Chemistry - Kinetics, Molecular Reactions; Surface Chemistry - micelle, SurfactantMaterials; - ultrasound, Sono-chemistryFor more info...Click here.

[Area(s) of expertise] Chemical Spectroscopy - NMR SpectroscopyBio-compatible Materials - bio-polymer, Bio-catalytic, Microdetector- NMRBio-organic Chemistry - NMR Spectroscopy, Bio-catalytic, Microfluidic, Bio-polymerFor more info...Click here

[Area(s) of expertise] Organometallic Chemistry - cluster Chemistry, Molecular Chemistry; For more info...Click here

[Area(s) of expertise] Nano-materials - Drug Carrier, Vesicles, Surfactants, Liquid Crystals Synthesis & Characterization For more info...Click here

[Area(s) of expertise] Adhesive, coating, And Ink - Smart Materials; Organic CoatingsPolymer Chemistry - polymer Synthesis; Living Anionic Polymerisation; Organic Chemical Synthesis For more info...Click here

[Area(s) of expertise] Water Pollution - nutrients, Heavy Metals, Organic Pollutants, Stormwater; For more info...Click here

[Area(s) of expertise] Polymer Compounds - Study Of Polymer Complex Formation Mechanism Using Wide Angle X-ray Diffraction (WAXD) And Raman Spectroscopy TechniquesTransition Metal Chemistry  - Characterization Of Molecules Using Single Crystal X-ray CrystallographyFor more info...Click here.

[Area(s) of expertise] Theoretical Chemistry - DFT, Dft-Molecular Dynamics; Mechanisms Of Reactions - DFTTransition State Theory; Chemical Energetic - Reaction Enthalpy Of Potential Energy Surface; Chemical Spectroscopy - DFT Calculations On Ir, Uv, Power SpectraFor more info...Click here

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